Roots Retouch

At Salon Infinity, we understand that maintaining bright and beautiful hair color is a top priority for our clients. Whether you recently dyed your hair or want to cover your grey roots, in-salon hair color touch-ups are the perfect solution. Our professional colorists use only the highest quality, safe hair dyes to protect your scalp and hair integrity, giving you vibrant, long-lasting color. 

What is hair color or root retouch?

A root retouch is a salon service that focuses on applying color to your new hair growth, ensuring that your hair roots blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. Typically done every four to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grow and the difference between your natural and dyed hair colors. This process ensures an even color from root to tip.

There are two main reasons on why clients seek a root retouch. First is to cover greying hair roots to match the rest of the hair color. Second is to color new hair growth to match the a previous hair color, a ‘refresh’ for your hair color

Covering Grey Hair Roots

This is done tregularly, depending on your hair growth rate. Due to the frequency, it’s crucial to approach this process with care, as the frequent use of hair dye, especially near the roots and scalp, requires careful consideration of safety and quality. As an Aveda salon, we offer Aveda hair colors that are fade-resistant, conditioning and made with 96% naturally derived* vegan ingredients.

Refreshing a recent hair color

Hair grows averagely about half  1 to 2 cm a month. This means within a few weeks of coloring your hair, your natural hair color will start to show at the roots. If you prefer to a seamless look, a hair retouch is the perfect solution. Root retouch allows you to maintain fresh hair colors without coloring your hair ends, preventing them from being over-colored.

The key to a good hair root retouch service

The goal of a root retouch is to have the grey or new hair roots blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. This requires knowledge of hair color and technique. Understanding which hair color formulation is crucial in creating the perfect blend, and the application process requires professional care too. New hair growth and previously colored hair respond differently to hair dye, hence professional expertise plays a large part in getting your roots color right.

The Importance of Using Safe Hair Dye

Coloring grey hair roots is a regular activity for many, meaning the dye is applied frequently and close to the scalp. This proximity makes it vital to use safe, high-quality hair dye to avoid potential health risks and damage to the hair and scalp. 

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