About Us

Salon Infinity is a hair salon that blends hair styling with wellness. It was established by the spa veteran: Elements Wellness Group with a mission to make great hair for everyday wear, with a focus on our clients’ hair and scalp health. Beyond colours and cuts, we manage texture. Texture is important to balance aesthetics with practicality, and in humid Singapore, that means managing frizz. We work with your natural texture and help control frizz in a manner that complements your lifestyle. Our signature Silky Soft Treatment has helped many women have fuss-free, manageable, vibrant and smooth hair everyday. 

Healthy Scalp + Healthy Hair = Beautiful Hair.
We have a strong focus on scalp care, as to create beautiful hair, the scalp has to be healthy. We are a salon that goes a step further to work on our clients’ scalp health, to give the look of shine and vibrance, which makes them instantly more beautiful. Our signature Pramāsana Jet Therapy is a deep cleansing scalp treatment using Aveda’s Pramāsana products and our Jet Therapy, while delivering pampering massages that leave you rejuvenated. Our constant devotion in scalp care has awarded us with Aveda’s Best Performance for Pramāsana™ 2018, proving us the experts in this field.

We believe that a trip to the salon should be a pampering experience and we leverage on our company’s spa history to deliver hair services enhanced with great massages. We are an Aveda salon, the Aveda brand is synonymous with botanical luxury, with the strong belief that nature is the best beauty artist of all. Aveda strives to use naturally derived ingredients when possible, to ensure the wellness of its users. We strive to make our clients’ trip to the salon a wellness experience.

Best Performance for Pramāsana™ 2018

Rising Star Award 2016

The Founder

"After training many hours in chlorinated swimming pools, I had very bad scalp and hair problems. Thankfully, I received good treatments to help me and I am excited to share the same treatments with you."

Leslie Kwok

(Founder of Salon Infinity / Celebrity Model / Singapore National and Olympic Swimmer)