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The closest thing to a miracle for frizzy hair that we have come across, with long-lasting results!

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Nanokeratin System uses enzyme actions to activate hair to naturally repair itself from the inside while restoring damaged hair fibre for a smoother, straighter look. Hair is transformed from inside out. This advanced formula produces long-lasting results without any harmful chemicals.


Step #1 – Shampoo + Blow Drying

Step #2 – Application of Nanokeratin Solution

Step #3 – Rinse + Blow Drying

Step #4 – Flat Ironing

Step #5 – Shampoo + Hair Mask Application



Harmful Chemicals

0% Formaldehyde

0% Aldehyde

0% Chemical off-gas

Suitable for ANY

Hair Type

(even for bleached/highlighted hair)

Flexibility to style as curls without losing shine & smoothness

Smooths hair down, locks in moisture & shiny glossy hair

Results that last

up to 3 months*

(*results may vary from individuals)


Parent-approved: Safe for Tweens

This really sweet and shy client of ours does not wish to be named, but she'll share her story.


She's in her teens and having very frizzy hair is so hard to manage. Traditional hair straightening treatments were not suitable as they are strong in chemicals, so not advisable for kids. Our client's mum was happy to let her try this Nanokeratin Treatment as there are NO HARMFUL chemicals. See the results to believe it! 

Now our client has lovely soft smooth long hair that she is so proud of. :)

Works on Coarsed & Chemically-treated Hair

I was always envious of the women with hair that just falls into place without much effort. As my hair was coarse and frizzy, I would use the flat iron every morning to look neat, which was time-consuming and damaged my hair. The more damaged the hair became, the harder it was to control the frizz. I've tried rebonding and other keratin treatments, though they straightened my hair, it also made it 'stiff' and dry.


BUT, this Nanokeratin was a world of difference, it feels so bouncy and natural. Firstly, no harmful chemicals: there was no strange smell during the entire treatment. Secondly, my hair was so soft! And I color my hair frequently too. Thirdly, it saves me so much time, each morning, I just give it a slight one minute blow and I am ready! It has been one month, and it still feels as good. Results can last up to 3 months :)

I love that there are no harmful chemicals, I can do a 'refresh' treatment as and when needed.

— Lucy

*results after 1 week

Works on Bleached & Highlighted Hair

I tried out their nanokeratin treatment and it is the best discovery for my hair. I’ve tried keratin treatment in the past that cost me $600+ and my hair reverted to the dry, curly and frizzy state within 2 weeks.


Nanokeratin saved my tons of time in the morning as I need not to flat iron my hair anymore and apparently this treatment can last up to 3 months! My hair gets softer after every wash and I can literally feel and see the difference in these past few weeks.


Definitely recommend this treatment to those who want a hassle-free hairstyle.

— Twinkle

*results after 1 month


from $380 onwards

(prices may vary depending on hair length)

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