Scalp Therapy (Hair Loss Treatment)





A relaxing non-invasive scalp therapy that uses Indiba’s patented “Proionic Action” to improve nutrients and oxygen that the hair needs for growth, and increase natural keratin in the hair cortex for higher elasticity and hair thickness.


*After 3 sessions (Source: Salon Infinity)

*Results might vary for individuals

A large percentage of men and women over 50 complain of hair loss, but just because thinning is natural doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Indiba Scalp Therapy Hair Loss Treatment stimulates the nutritional elements and oxygen that the hair needs for growth, increases its elasticity as a result of increased supply of keratin to long fibres in the cortex and increases the diameter of the hair itself.

Through facilitating the exchange of ions between the external and internal cell structure, the treatment helps to create a balanced state of ions for healthy cells. This holistic treatment nurtures, strengthens and regenerates the scalp, whilst providing moments of relaxation.


Experience permanently thicker & healthier hair now!


✓ Stimulate the growth of new healthy hair 

✓ Increase the follicle size of existing hair 

 Increase hair density

✓ Slows down and stops hair loss 

✓ Improve hair porosity for stronger hair 

✓ Helps to restore its texture

Suitable for:

How Does the Treatment Works:


Channelling Energy

Energy is channelled by applying Indiba Proionic cream while working on preselected energy points on the shoulders and neck to eases the tension and knots. 


A button shaped electrode is smoothed over the lymphatic drainage points to ‘clears out the pipes’ so that the toxic waste can be removed internally. Slight warming sensation can be felt.


Focused Care

First, the electrode is smoothed over the areas around neck. A second frequency is also used to treat the lower levels of the skin to stimulates the follicles.

The electrode (set to second frequency) will then be placed on the specialist’s arm thus enabling the energy to flow through his/her fingertips into your scalp.


Final Balance

The specialist will then smooth the electrode (set to first frequency) over your scalp. This therapy finishes off with Indiba Proionic vitamin complex to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles.

What is INDIBA?

Radiofrequency is not a new technology, it has been around for more than 30 years to mainly to treat arthritic joints and pain and other medical conditions. Indiba has fine-tuned this technology to a beautiful balance such that it is able to elicit cells to improve their ionic exchange to bring about positive changes for recovery and cell rejuvenation. 


Widely known for its multi-uses for Beauty & Wellness treatments, this medical-grade machine uses it's patented 448 kHz monopolar radiofrequency energy to respects cell physiology, increases blood flow and oxygen supply. Through this, it helps to increase the supply of essential amino acids, vitamins and nutrients that are vital for a healthy metabolism.

Indiba's continuous leadership in molecular biology RF applications research validates INDIBA®’s 448 kHz as the most effective frequency for inducing subthermal and thermal biological effects when using INDIBA®’s CAP and RES electrodes.

Don't risk it. Use Indiba's technology to solve your concerns.

*After 3 months (Source:

*Results might vary for individuals


(*treatment is only available at Suntec City outlet)


$158.36 nett

(U.P. $374.50)

*Terms & Conditions may apply


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