Hair can look frizzy for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause is lack of moisture.
When hair is dry, it can become rough and brittle, causing the cuticles (outermost layer of the hair shaft) to become raised and uneven.
This can result in hair that appears frizzy and unruly.


Our warm weather also contributes to frizziness as excessive heat cause cuticles to open up and become more porous, leading to moisture being absorbed into the hair. When hair tries to absorbs too much moisture from the air, it has the potential to develop a natural curl and become frizzy. This excess moisture leads to the formation of additional hydrogen bonds between the keratin strands, which disrupts the hair’s outermost layer, known as the cuticle, resulting in frizz.

Hair that has been excessively dried due to chemical treatments, such as colouring, perming, or relaxing, can deplete the hair’s natural oils and disrupt its moisture balance. This can result in dryness, reduced elasticity, and difficulty retaining moisture. 


Frizzy, wild, untamed hair is a common experience many of us have living in tropical Singapore.  Humidity can also contribute to frizz, particularly in hair that is already prone to dryness. 

When the air is humid, it contains moisture, which can be absorbed by the hair strands. This moisture causes the hair cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair, to swell and lift. As a result, the hair becomes more porous and prone to absorbing additional moisture from the air. Protective hairstyles, like braids or updos, can minimize the exposure of the hair to humidity.


Genetics and hair type can also play a role, as some hair types are naturally more prone to frizz than others.

Straight hair is generally less prone to frizz due to the easy distribution of natural oils.
Wavy hair, with its textured S-shaped patterns, it’s susceptible to frizz due to its increased surface area and uneven oil distribution.
Curly hair, characterized by its oval or elliptical shape, causes dryness and frizz as oils struggle to travel the entire hair length.
Coily/kinky hair, with tightly coiled strands, faces challenges in oil distribution, leading to increased frizz, breakage, and shrinkage.

To combat frizz, it’s important to keep hair moisturized and protected from the elements.
Using hydrating hair products, avoiding excessive heat styling, and protecting hair from humidity
with a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz serum can all help to reduce frizz and keep hair looking smooth and healthy.
However, some of us are looking for a more ‘permanent’ solution that saves us time every morning!
 We dream of waking up with shiny, neat, flowing hair and not worrying about our hair become a big hot mess in the middle of a work day! 

Here are some treatments that have longer lasting results.
These treatment involve ‘restructuring’ the cuticles, to re-align them ‘neatly’ to create a smooth shiny appearance.


This treatment was once touted as Japan’s Best Hair Smoothening Treatment.
It is highly recommenced for ladies looking for natural smoothness, and not the stick straight stiff look of traditional rebounding.

Advance Smooth has helped many ladies shorten their morning routine but making smooth, beautiful hair effortless. No more attempting to straighten stubborn curly hair or trying to hide damaged hair, cause Advance Smooth gives naturally straight shiny hair with long lasting results.

Natural beautiful hair is now within reach for all ladies with minimal care and attention every morning. It’s literally just “Blow & Go”! Enjoy soft and silky hair that falls into shape so effortlessly for months to come.

Unlike traditional straightening methods that use harsh chemicals on the hair or give out harmful fumes, ADVANTE SMOOTH is designed with the finest botanical extracts to nourish the hair. With healthier locks, you can change up your style anytime to your hearts’ content – whenever and however you like! (i.e. you can still perm, highlight and color your hair in the future with no complications.)



This ‘keratin’ treatment is great news for many as it helps with smoothing and straightening curly hair without the use of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and aldehyde, thus it  does not release harmful chemical off-gases (which is a common occurrence with most keratin treatments). The results are soft, shiny, flowing hair. This treatment takes into consideration the health of your hair and body, and eliminates exposure to harmful ingredients. The products use safe all-natural premium ingredients which provide long-term protection for your hair.

The Nano Keratin treatment uses a unique approach to hair bonding, with highly substantive particles that have an enzyme-like affinity to hair structure which helps to create a safer bond reformation process that doesn’t damage the hair or cause long-term harm. Meaning, it is a safe way to help frizzy hair ‘rebond’, creating straighter, smoother appearance.

The science behind this treatment is that it RE-CONSTRUCTs the hair fibre, by:
• activating the inner hair tissue, restructuring from inside out.
• constructs the outer hair layer and reforms hair fibre texture to straight